Several years ago I took Rob to an Orioles/White Sox game at Camden Yards

In the 9th inning the O’s walked Jim Thome to get to Ross Gload… who proceeded to hit a grand slam, turning a sure 4-2 victory in to an eventual 6-4 defeat.

Tonight Rob presumably watched the White Sox go from leading 4-1 in the 8th to losing 10-4 in 10 innings, allowing 4 home runs in the final 3 innings of the game… capped off by a Matt Wieters grand slam. Then again, Rob probably took a cue from his fellow Chicago baseball fans and left after the 7th inning.

Rob Whittier, you can kiss my ass.


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    Leave after the 7th inning? I think you have been living in Queens a little too long.
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